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Women’s Business Institute-USA (WBI- USA) is committed to supporting and promoting the economic growth and professional advancement of women.


WBI- USA supports the development among women at all levels of entrepreneurship, business and employment.

Our goal is to help women overcome barriers to success by providing access to education, information, resources and opportunities focused on growth and advancement.

WBI- USA offers a platform in which women can create, grow and sustain viable businesses that contribute to economic growth and job creation.


Your business is your baby; learn how to grow it, nurture it and see it flourish.

Corporate Employees

Feeling stuck in your current role? Learn to improve your skills and knowledge and increase the possibility of upward mobility.

Returning to the Workforce

Ready to get back into the workforce or start your own business? Gain direction and clarification on getting started.


Join others for networking opportunities designed to build skills, relationships, parnerships and friendship.

Your Commitment Helps

Your sponsorship and support of WBI-USA gives women the tools and confidence to be successful in their careers.

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